Meeting the Founder of CrossFit

I saw him moving through the crowd, slowly. Bombarded with endless selfies and fans. I mean who doesn’t want to say they interacted with THE founder of the biggest exercise movement to hit the entire world? 

At the CrossFit games, surrounded by body guards Greg Glassman proceeded to try to make it from one end of the obstacle course event crowd to the other. Noticing how many people stopped him, I just didn’t want to be yet another “fan”. But I just couldn’t let this opportunity to get by me. He was just feet away. I went for it…

Meeting the Founder of CrossFit - Affiliate Badge


I’ve met many of the big names in CrossFit. Did my Level one course in park city with Matt Chan and “the” Chris Spealler in park city during their golden years. Met Rory Mckernon, Adrian Bozeman, even Dave Castro. Took pics with Cherie Chan, Stacy Tovar, and ate pizza with Sarah Sigmondsdottir. But this one was huge!

I was expecting Glassman to take a pic with me and be on his way. Besides, he was trying to get someplace. But what actually happened ended up being one of my most memorable CrossFit games experiences ever!

Meeting the Founder of CrossFit - Glassman

I approached him, asked for a pic, which he gladly took, then I introduced myself. He then hugged me! Not once but twice. Had a 5 minute conversation with me about where my gym was and how it was going. He sincerely cared. He not only gave me the time of day, but treated me like an actual person. Not just another selfie wanting fan.

Upon our departure he hugged me, and said this to me… “without your success I have NO plans”. He knows that the little guys like myself have made this what it is today. He knows that the athletes like yourself grinding it out day in and day out are the foundation of this exercise revolution. Without us there is no CrossFit, and the main dude KNOWS that.

I’m glad I bothered him, and I’m more happy to say my experience meeting the founder of CrossFit couldn’t have been better!

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