CrossFit FYR – CrossFit

There is a component under the snatch complex for those that do not care to do snatch or over head work for strength. So clearly you don’t do both, one or the other.


Snatch/hang complex (Doing at least 5 sets, find a 1rmfor the complex)

1 power snatch

1 hang squat snatch

1 overhead squat

Metcon (No Measure)

The “i refuse to snatch” strength wod

3-4 rounds

12 preacher curls using the ghd

12 GHD sit ups (or regular)

12 dips


Metcon (Time)


Db oh squat (50/35)

Pull ups

Right into


Db ohs (50/35)

Toes to bar

Scaled- goblet squats for ohs

Hanging knee raises for t2b

Time cap 22 mins